Twilight of The Republic

Sound the bugle, and blow a trumpet in Washington; heavy and low flutters the battered flag of our forefathers, laden with the burdens of a Republic nigh lost, whose domestic tides wade weakly across apathetic shores. It needn’t be said, it must be said, that our once great nation, now besieged, is on the precipice of having her walls breached and chastity marred, like a crumbling Jericho, or wayward Jerusalem at the tail end of Babylon’s conquest.. A sinister, yet nebulous, global coalition has fought to isolate, disenfranchise, and utterly eradicate the last vestiges of American value and virtue; with keen and hungry eyes they’ve watched our nation’s progress over the generations, concocting plots and secret schemes of grand design all intended to enrich themselves at our expense. Theirs has been a threefold attack against our Republic: in the economic, information, and physical realms. One glance at America today presents the viewer with a shade of her former glory; gone are the days of Christian morality, free enterprise, and civil cohesion. In their stead stand nihilistic relativism, corporate capture, and uncivil dissonance all wrought by policymakers owing allegiance to the global, rather than the American, order.

It stands to reason that our nation’s decline began decades ago, and one can argue that the political absurdity and criminal negligence now suffocating us are but the final stages of a terminal cancer that has slowly but surely eaten away at the proverbial fat of our body politic. Presented below is a list of five insidious substrata which are consuming our country whole, and must be urgently addressed:

1.) Our national debt is increasing by roughly a trillion dollars every one hundred days, and the Federal Reserve has cautioned that further deterioration in commercial real estate markets may lead to more bank failures. Couple this with inflation which, when calculated considering a metric utilized prior to the turn of the century, is still significantly elevated. Although the federal government and its media pundits are always eager to point out positive news regarding consumer spending, and the stock market rallying to record highs, consumer credit card debt is enormous, and doesn’t appear to be easing anytime soon.

2.) Illegal invaders are storming across our southern border, and have recently been caught forcing their way past Texas national guardsmen at El Paso. These same invaders are being aided and abetted by the treasonous Biden administration, which has secretly flown over 300,000 illegal invaders into the interior of our country. Many of the more recent invaders have been found to be of Chinese origin, with border patrol reporting roughly 6,000 encounters in 2023; the possibility that this contingent of Chinese nationals entering our country might act as a Trojan horse in the event war breaks out between the U.S. and China shouldn’t be dismissed. A principal reason as to why some of our more treasonous politicians have wanted to keep the border open like this, despite so many potential threat vectors, is because illegals are currently counted in the census towards Congressional district apportionments and Electoral College votes; this would explain why they’ve fought so vehemently to keep states like Texas from enforcing proper border control. Although some Congressmen, like Chuck Edwards of North Carolina, are attempting to end this egregious practice through legislation, the very fact that this has been a commonplace occurrence for so long implies that honest, native-born Americans have already been veritably disregarded by their government. We have been replaced de-facto in the minds of public officials who, seeing a plethora of new potential voters (as opposed to possible threats), prefer the more dependent and obsequious “Novae Americae” crossing up through Mexico to those of us who would otherwise stand in protest, demanding honest representation.

3.) Homelessness has been increasing, and contrary to what the federal government has reported, the evidence of our own eyes and ears should prove sufficient when arguing that the problem has been greatly exacerbated; look at our cities, and see the rot. The drug crisis is worsening, and overdoses stemming from synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl, which are trafficked into our country from China, Mexico, and India, are steadily on the rise. Entire cities, such as the infamous Kensington, PA, have been reduced to urban wastelands teeming to the brim with “zombie” like drug users who spend their days injecting themselves with the tranquilizer Xylazine. The glory and beauty of what our country once was has, certainly for worse, crumbled into a tragic scene reminiscent of a decadent, decaying Rome or Babylon. Believe the pundits if you’d like, but to ignore the palpable reality of cultural corrosion all around is sure only to lead to unfortunate, if not unforeseen, consequences for us all. If matters weren’t already deplorable enough, despite all the homeless veterans and other sorely neglected Americans inundating the streets of our once great cities, illegal immigrants, those leeching invaders from our southern border, are being handed free money by certain state and city governments, which, we must recall, derive their funds from the hapless taxpayer.

4.) The federal government, against all the wisdom offered us by our first President when he warned against permanent foreign alliances, continues to spend assets and resources, which otherwise would be the sole provision of the American people, on foreign countries, and military entanglements such as NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), to which our taxpayer dollars finance a bulk of the defense alliance’s funding. Like a raging behemoth, the federal government has leveraged America’s wealth in order to procure influence and secure its military objectives abroad; of course, this practice has been ongoing for decades, if not centuries, and unless the world undergoes dramatic de-dollarization (as the dollar continues to lose value and prominence), we must assume that the federal behemoth will not cease to expand its sphere of exertion, extortion, and economic totality. There’s nothing more Orwellian and regressive than a “defense” industry dedicated to fanning the flames of global war.

5.) For seemingly inexplicable reasons, Washington has chosen to aggressively pursue a foreign policy inimical to peace abroad, despite attempts made by countries such as Russia to normalize relations. Globalist forces driving the multilateral expansion of NATO have consequently pushed this historic geopolitical adversary of ours to pursue desperate, if not excessive, measures in order to secure their western flank from further military encroachments. Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, Sweden and Finland have recently been acceded to the defense alliance, a leaked German document has detailed potential plans to escalate the conflict, and France has publicly floated the idea of deploying troops into the Ukrainian interior. Though the risk of nuclear confrontation (a very real threat to our homeland) is growing, the federal government and its proxies aren’t backing down from their aggressive stance against Russia, and have even actively opposed any sort of peace from being brokered. To make matters worse, the collective west is ill-prepared to fight a war of attrition, or several, along multiple fronts. Despite the propaganda hitting us from both sides of the Ukraine conflict, an objective numerical analysis alone points to the fact that the young Ukrainian state cannot possibly hold out against its larger adversary forever, unless, of course, it’s able to successfully maneuver the momentum of war in a direction more conducive to victory.

These aforementioned points do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Taverns, but are what the author believes to be five causes of immediate concern which, if left unaddressed, threaten to destabilize and destroy our country. In a future post, five solutions to these woes will be proposed, but for now, the reader must be left to ponder them and consider the mortal consequences of national fecklessness. Should we as Americans refuse to take action, and instead resign ourselves to states of idle hesitancy and apathy, the dark impact such a disaster would have on the whole world may be felt for untold generations to come. Freedom, innovation, and human progress could be stifled indefinitely, if not irreparably impeded; this alone should rekindle the American spirit, and inspire us to act valiantly to stop such a future from emerging.

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