Capture the Flag

When I was a Boy Scout, we played a game called Capture the Flag. as I suppose most kids did and do. In this game there are two teams that create a flag and hide it. Each team must find and capture the opposition flag within the physical boundary of play. It was a fun game and taught strategy, defense and fidelity to a team banner.

Flags mean different things to different people and symbols of state are perhaps the most evocative symbol of a nation. And they can be the most dreadful of symbols. The Blutfahne (Blood Flag) of the Nazi party came to symbolize an ideology that has left its indelible mark on history. These flags fly and snap in the wind and give an undulating purpose to the nation that displays it. It moralizes a people to unite and understand their purpose; at the same time, it demoralizes if the flag comes to represent an usurpation of its positive principle.

I recently was on a heritage trip in Austria. My grandfather was a Viennese man born of a Jewish mother.  He knew about flags. Much of my knowledge of European history is influenced by him and my mother. My mother was a good historian in the manner of the daughter of a monarchist. She knew all about the different noble families, their own banners and heraldry and their influences as they intertwined in Europe through the politics of marriage. She could tell you about the history of the Hungarian Esterhazy and the Austrian Wilcek family or the Prussian Hohenzollern; she knew and spoke about history in a familiar sense and linked most things back to Charles V, the Habsburg Emperor and his mother Johanna die Wahnsinnige or rather Joanna the Mad who kept her husband Philip the Handsome’s remains with her after he died in 1506. This knowledge my mother nurtured was fair enough and a reasonably extensive vision of history as her “identity”. That identity changed when she married an American man from Guthrie, Oklahoma, my Dad. All lineage stopped there. But we blended well the ulterior noble purpose of America. Lineages meant a lot to my mom as they indicate the direction of political and social power with a competing elite and their banner aligning as factions into a nation or empire.

View of the Benedictine Abbey in Melk, Austria near the Danube River

On my trip to Austria, I visited the old Benedictine monastery of Melk. This is a grand old institution of religion, culture and education. To get to Melk the train goes from Vienna to St. Polten. I got a lesson in flags while strolling the streets of St. Polten and it was a sobering lesson. I do not know how it felt when the Swastika started flying in Germany. Certainly, when it was flying over the Sudetenland or Warsaw it must have made many a partisan and patriot shudder with animosity and angst but similarly, the ethnic Germans in Danzig would have welcomed it. Such was the case in many families as in my mother’s. Some welcomed it, some abhorred it; there were many divided loyalties. The Swastika today may appear to us as a clownish identity of an extreme party resisted at first by the likes of mutton-chopped monarchists and new Republican statesmen and bewildered Socialists. When it waved in Germany as the ascending symbol of the Third Reich it was all very ordinary and represented a new conviction and yet it was extraordinary as it took root. We must be mindful of ascending ideologies and their raiment as evidenced by their flags; it is and is not an accident (see Aristotle). Many may not have given it serious consideration in 1932, but there were some who saw in the flag as something ominous and not innocuous. Some people recognized its danger; most ignored it and went on their daily routines. The flag was a change in the status quo that simply unfurled in time and space and yet portended destruction. If only we could be so aware of such ascending raiment of State today so as to not fall into the same temptation to power. If only.

When in St. Polten, I happened on the very lovely baroque square with the baroque statue to the Holy Trinity and a Franciscan Church on the northern side. What struck me as I came out of Rathausgasse onto the square was the array of banners that were flapping in the wind. and their clear hierarchical order. It conveyed of a new and banal social or political order.

Banners flying in the Holy Trinity Square of St. Polten. Note the order.

Note the order from left to right: There is the red and yellow flag of the municipality of St. Polten with its heraldry. It is followed by the yellow and blue flag with the heraldic 5 eagles of Lower Austria. The third flag in the increasing social order is the Austrian flag. This represents the sovereign state of Austria in red, white and red. Then follows the European Union and finally the globalist flag which is clearly the diversity flag represented by the rainbow. Stop. This is a visible and clear manifestation of a political intention to reorganize the social and political structures of Europe and the world. The array of flags is significant and manifest in communities throughout Europe. It is a new political consistency that constituents simply pass and most ignore and see some altruistic purpose like the Swastika. For the Swastika was a sign of harmony just as the rainbow is also a sign of harmony only it is the borrowed sign of God’s covenant to Noah. This is not innocuous. Never! It should be halting to everyone, particularly the Austrians. It should halt all as much as the Swastika.

We would do well to remember the words of Hannah Arendt who recognized the threat of totalitarianism in pre-Nazi Germany.

True goal of totalitarian propaganda is not persuasion, but organization of the polity. … What convinces masses are not facts, and not even invented facts, but only the consistency of the system of which they are presumably part.” ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

In Vienna

But it does not stop in St. Polten. My train went through Vienna and the globalist flag was clearly on display at the train station. The conditioning of the polity has taken place in the pleasant squares across Europe and in all those places where crowds rush to and fro and see just another rainbow flag. Another ordinary day in the new progressing status quo But this is not just another rainbow flag.

When I was at the train station, I saw this huge banner display of the LGBTQIA+ flag in the Austrian rail office. The size is remarkable, but it also served to validate the view of the quickening global colors. What caught my eye is the new symbol in the middle of the yellow triangle. I had often thought that the meaning of the colors represented by the rainbow flag were innocuous enough and that it stemmed from the Rainbow Coalition and the days of Jesse Jackson. It was a static expression of diversity for which I was neutral. Then the dynamism of the LGBTQ wedge was introduced as a kind of defiance and social wedge. In fact, it is a BLM and transgender militant wedge that is symbolically inserted into the Covenantal colors of Noah. The flag is reminiscent of the South African flag with its wedge of racial authenticity driven into the Apartheid regime of Orange. But the new purple circle in the yellow field was something I had never seen. It is ostensibly an intersex symbol.

It is a shame that the rainbow which is a symbol of covenant has been corrupted through political ideology. Now the LBGTQIA+ community has inserted its purpose in the purple intersex symbol which is in fact the globe. The symbols have come together, and the new totalitarian flag is almost complete. We have to remember that this is a spiritual battle and this flag is an emerging spiritual expression.

The round symbol comes to mean the thing for which the colors fly; it is like an eye of Sauron. Do we really want to go this way? Recall that heraldic symbols on the flags of St. Polten and Lower Austria and Austria. This intersex symbol on the globalist flag is an emerging and yet incomplete representation of the thing for which the colors will fly and indeed are already flying. That circle will represent the globe. It is worth watching to see how this will ultimately unfurl. Perhaps the color will be green eventually, for the environment and planet. I would predict that the symbol goes green and will represent the people and the planet of the Agenda 2030 and the yellow field prosperity or power; political power. If that happens, I would find my way from my banker to a bunker because that flag, will be the globalist representation of the denial of all freedom; particularly denying the subsidiary relationship of the State and geographic identity. You will have to be transgender; of color or of the elite ruling class to belong to the political wedge of progress. Make no mistake. This is a militant flag It is not gentle.

In Mariazell

From Vienna and after Melk, I went into the mountains to a Shrine called Our Lady of Mariazell. The shrine is nestled in the Alpine valleys of northern Styria of Austria and harkens back to the 14th century as a site of pilgrimage and piety. I was interested in the site because of the relevance to my background as Mater Gentium Slavorum (Mother of the Slavic people) the title of which dates back to the 13th century when a Church was built by the Moravian king in thanksgiving for healing a sickness. My mother was from Moravia, so I wanted to remember her in prayer and in a cultural display of my own identity. An identity which is specific to a place. The lower and deeper you go in geography with your personal identity the more self-affirming it is. No one needs to affirm your identity you just sink into a cultural self-supportive milieu that makes you who you are a priori. The challenge is discovering the lower linkages of identity until you hit your own reality as a cultural product of your parents that is fully free and self-affirmed by virtue of a constructive ontology. It requires full participation of the will and awareness of the intellect and a desire to constantly improve.

Inside the Shrine the encounter with the sacred is immediate. There is ample room for ambulating in the beautiful baroque nave and side altars with such stunning art and sculpture. How would this have been for a poor pilgrim in the 17th or 18th century? They walked the distance from different gateways in the north and south.  

In the apse there is an altar where the sacrament is reserved. At first encounter, the artwork of the altar is glorious. It was designed in 1704 by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach who also helped in the design of the Imperial palace of Schoenbrunn. But on closer look at the tabernacle there is a shocking artistic anomaly. The tabernacle looks almost sinister with a serpent circling the globe. I sat in front of the altar for a long time and wondered about the unique style. It seems like something modern, and the understanding of the globe was impressive for the age it as conceived. I noticed how possessive the snake seemed and how it was largely only in the northern hemisphere. The head clearly on or close to Istanbul and emanating from the Anatolian seat of the Turks. I thought how this had been seen by pilgrims for over 300 years. As I looked at this, I realized that this is the most appropriate symbol for globalism. The serpent’s venomous grip that desires to possess the world. Clearly the victory is within the tabernacle, in the body of Christ reserved in the sacrament and displayed above the globe in the Crucifixion with Mary and St. John at the foot of the cross towering above and within that grotesque image of the snake and the globe. I thought of the purple circle in the globalist flag and understood as I prayed the Providence of my pilgrimage. How wonderful would it be to organize an annual anti-globalist prayer meeting for all peoples at the foot of this altar and march in unison and reject the image of grotesque power outward with the banner carrying the words from Mark 8:36:

For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?

Look and Learn

I selected this photo from the façade of a bishop’s palace in Esztergom, Hungary to replace Tavern’s motto: Look and Learn. In the spirit of this trip to Europe we can say: Pietati et Scientiis It is almost the same thing really. The translation is: Piety (duty) and Knowledge.

A syncretic amalgam of the globalist flag must ultimately replace the purple circle with the Mariazellian serpent. This is the full representation of the global intention. There is a lot to gather from a symbol and we have to be aware of the way the symbols speak to us and their intention.

That the globalist flag is the flag pictured below is clear. The only artistic license I have taken is the inclusion of the serpent and adopting the environmentalist green color. We would take well to heed the spiritual interpretations.

  1. God’s covenant is still retained in the symbol of the rainbow. His light always contains the visible spectrum of colors and the unity of this diversity is retained in His light in the covenant He made and ratified in Christ.
  2. Violence to the covenant is implied by the LGBTQIA wedge. It is clearly a symbol of defiance and how the wedge trespasses into the promise of God’s covenant. In other words, the wedge seeks to destroy that which God promised never to destroy.
  3. The destroyer is given by the adapted symbol of the globe which assumes the false ideal of People and Planet as put forth by the Agenda 2030. The serpent is green to symoloize the environmentalist deception and the wicked nature of power and deception that is driving the wedge of destruction into the rainbow.

The globalist flag now is defined. It is a violent flag. I see the clear nature of the globalist intention and the spiritual deception it represents and am compelled to cry: stand and fight. This is a symbol that should strike great fear into the world; more than the Swastika The globalist flag is the fullest representation of violence that can be conceived. This is because it is a fraudulent flag which is filled with fake altruism (rainbow) having one purpose: to destroy that which God promised never to destroy. by mobilizing a resentment class that will never be served but only abused by the serpent of power. Note at the core of the wedge, the field of yellow where the serpent around the globe is set. It is a symbol for a different kind of light that emits a different kind of political spectrum.

Do not take the flag lightly. The serpent is coiling and getting ready to strike.

As a way to close, all is not lost. I provide an image with the only genuine antidote to destroying this flag of deception. It is a wedge of force to counter the resentment represented by the transgender force with a wedge of national purpose and spirit.: Nations are the limit and extent of power. Let us gather around in the Spirit of ’26 and remember our liberty and stand to restore our values. There is no global intention that should be above the nation. The counter wedge will win if we only rally around the nation and push back the resentment; push back the lie and return to the foundational principle. In this case, the foundation is given clearly by the depiction of the American flag and a symbol of the 13 original colonies. In the center of the symbol is the Chi Rho, the Alpha and Omega that is the antidote the venomous serpent of globalism. Let us remember: Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

In 2026, the United States of America will celebrate 150 years of freedom. The is promoting a return to the values of our Founding Fathers and the need to read and learn those vital documents instrumental in framing our freedom. In preparation for 2026 we are promoting a restored Spirit of ’76 under the title of The Spirit of ’26. Please read the document: A Restoration of Independence and become familiar with restated grievances applicable to the events and political situation of today.

The Restoration of Independence (click here)

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