Our nation was established before the guns were fired at the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The nation was established through the printing press; through the sharing of ideas and public debate long before April 19, 1775. We wish to renew that Spirit of ’76 and all the intellectual content of that period and make it relevant to today.

Those documents stand alone as beacons of light in their period. We cannot add much to the spirit they manifest. However the core product of our activities are not only reviewing those foundational documents; documents that help us understand our freedom and define ageless social concepts like liberty and help us understand how they inform our rights and responsibilities. These responsbilities that affect our social relationships with family and friends but also property and industry and ecnomy and ultimately faith and religion. Our core activities mean undertaking a second printing of these documents and making them relevant to our time.

We live in a time where tyranny threatens through different means. It is the same creature that the British monarchy asserted during the colonial period. Today it is a Globalist colonial threat no less jealous to assert its power over people and control their rights. Ours is an eternal spirit and we seek to find that spirit in recrafting the classic documents and give them more than a little spin or english but rather give them the modern and tru progressive American body they deserve. We honor that intellectual tradition with the greatest respect and realize we can add nothing to their thinking but we can reassert the same thinking into today.

Our key document is called the Restoration of Independence. It is a restatement of the grievances of the colonists against King George III. This document is our flagship and we encourage all readers of this site, friends and felow patriots to read this document and see the amazing parallels between what the original framers expressed and what we are experiencing today.