Welcome to the Taverns.

Our site is dedicated to preserving the values of the American Revolution. We are a group of like-minded people that value faith, friendship and freedom. The values that unite us are;

  • A primary identity with our State.
  • An appreciation for heritage and history,
  • A belief in individual freedom and sovereignty,
  • An affirmation of our Christian values.
  • An awareness of our own shortcomings and need for humility.
  • Community support and neighborliness.
  • A center of ideological and partisan resistance

The Taverns is currently working on a project to create a Taverns Press. The Taverns Press will be at the heart of our effort to educate Americans on their foundation. But the press will not be limited to those documents relevant to the United States, we aim to link and share freedom-thinking and value-oriented content from all countries and assert the common basis and aspiration all countries have in an intellectual freedom tradition. We insert the spirit of ’76 into our contemporary world which is so sorely threatened by the dim forces of unawareness and non-cultivation. Helping the world understand yesterday’s spirit today is what the Tavern Press hopes to accomplish.

We encourage you to read our cornerstone document. It is a recreation of the original Declaration of Independence entitled the Restoration of Independence. This document forms the basis for learning and discussions in the Taverns. This is a project that remains open until July 4, 2026 and welcome everyone to contribute to this expression of freedom.