It is time to call the villain coming into focus by its proper villanous name: the Glozi. If the word Nazi is a contraction from the German Nationalsozialist (National Socialist) then the Globalsozialist (Global Socialist) is the Glozi. The Glozi are the new iteration of the mysterious dialectical-diabolical force that always seeks political domination. Each iteration reaches further by applying new available technology as the means to extend its control. The Glozi are now a true genre of their own and have materialized as a unique power-entity with definite political objectives (global domination) and with partisan purpose. It is hastily implementing its designs.

When I was a young man, globalism was understood differently, I recall the promise of globalism as being a promise of free-trade and opportunity; of expanding freedom and sharing equally with diverse cultures and effective exchanges of thought and goods; goods which hinted of far-away places and had the character of a place indelibly marked on it. Instead, the global beast has become an alienating system of single-sourced value chains that promote mass consumption with an unparalleled threat of surveillance and societal control. This system has no respect for traditional culture or transcendent truth. It is far more different than could have been imagined. The Glozi has become a true tyrannical threat that have acquired power through the control of media, political power, technology, data and information. It impresses the world with the allure and glitz of innovation, their magic wand. We have been seduced to believe that this information-based innovation machine is a positive and sustainable force founded on an altruistic system that could never violate the rights that they, the Glozi affirm. Through information and innovation, the Glozi always re-package our rights and by acquiring ever more information and under new guidance based on the enhancement of human welfare, the Glozi shave away the rights they just affirmed and assert greater control. The Glozi presents themselves as a benign force that are simply monitoring and evaluating humanity from the comfortable objective perch of power.

The Glozi ideology

Glozism is a political-syncretic power ideology. There is an odd continuity of its political shape as it morphs from previous representations. It is defined by its thirst for power and is always evident in history. It is an amalgam of the thinking of the times bulging with the technology available for it to impose its will. I have heard the Glozi called Marxist or Communist or even Fascist. But they are none of these and somehow all of them. It is worth reviewing how the Glozi have coopted and adapted the various experienced political ideologies in an effort to define it.

It is like a Fascist (Nazi) force yet it is not

Fascism comes from the Latin word fasces which means a bundle of sticks that symbolize the strength of a people bound by a strong government (represented by an ax or central authority that would protrude from the bundle). The symbol is at the heart of strong central government and is vilified as the perpetrator of the greatest political crimes of last century.

The Glozis appear to not be Fascists (or anti Fascist) and yet there are some interesting parallels between nationalistic fascism and its global deviant that make them close cousins. Those parallels are illustrated in a few concepts below:

Nazi conceptGlozi concept
Lebensraum: It literally means “area to live” and it is associated with the nationalistic aspiration to acquire territory and control it as part of its identity (at least on the border) and assure the preservation of the race.Ecoraum: This is the application of the same concept of human space yet from a globalist perspective it uses ecological arguments to identify the living space it needs to control to assure the preservation of the species.
Genetic ideology

In Nazi Germany racial ideology was promoted to define the purity of the German race; the race destined to occupy the lebensraum thereby dehumanizing the elements considered impure. This racial science was promoted by serious scientists and psychologists at the time. The image above illustrates the definition of racial purity as per the Nuremberg law of 1936.
Transgender ideology

In the Glozi world, a transgender ideology is promoted to dehumanize elemental concepts of human sexuality by introducing systematic confusion. This sexual identity is being promoted as serious science and psychology. The image above illustrates the various gender compositions currently defined. The Glozi have replaced the notion of racial purity with sexual confusion and packaged it under the altruistic ideal of love.
Expansion (Emmigration of the Volksgemienschaft)
The Germans united in a spirit of unity (Volksgemeinschaft) work together to reduce differences in class, wealth and standards of living. The expansion of the German people had an altruistic purpose that resonated with the people given the disparities in Germany experienced at the time. Expansion was seen as a way of assuring economic prosperity and equity with the objective being a borderless state. This supernational new order being assured by a benign authoritarian state.
Contraction (Immigration of the Globalgemeinschaft)
In the Glozi system, prosperity is assured through uncontrolled immigration of peoples throughout the ecoraum. Economic disparities of race, wealth and well-being are alleviated in a borderless world with altruistic purpose: no one left behind. Cohesion and order are maintained through mediated social networks and an apparent democratic system of welfare distribution or Guaranteed Universal Income. The new order is assured by the benign application of technology.
Final solution
The final solution was brought about as Germany expanded and they realized they had to develop a solution to deal with their scapegoat. The final solution was the most dreadful imagined with the death of millions of Jews in extermination camps. What may have started as an apparent legitimate theory and concept justifying nationalism became one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century. Those that were in opposition to the Nazi ideaology suffered greatly and eventually when the perverse nature of the ideaology was understood through the crimes committed against humanity, we asked ourselves “how could this happen” and responded, “never again”.
Final solution
The final solution will be brought about when the Glozi overwhem welfare systems and replace labor with machines. What will they do with all these humans? The final solution can only be guessed but may be the most dreadful imagined with the elimination of billions of humans through technology. It will be a soft elimination at first through legitimate appeal of labor replacement and population control. What may start as an apparent legitimate global aspiration may become the greatest crime of humanity. Let’s not experience their final solution and remember what happened under the Nazis. We have already said never again. Let’s hold to that.
Note: When I first created this table, I included a section comparing racial ideologies in each column. I had put quotes from Hitler’s Mein Kampf (Nazi) and Ijeoma Oluo’s Mediocre: The Legacy of White Male America (Glozi) and was so disgusted by the hate and vitriol in each and their amazing comparability that I removed the comparison. I could not stomach the hate and cynical solutions both provided. However it is important for the critical reader to look at both of these books and understand their moral equivalence. There is nothing worthwhile quoting on this blog from either though there is value in noting that there are many similarities between the two. Hate hides well in either political reflection. One has spots like a leopard and the other stripes like a tiger. Yet both have teeth designed to rip flesh.

It is like a Marxist force yet it is not

It is interesting how we may see also see something like a Marxist critique emerging (or emerged) . Like the table above which outlines distinctions between the Nazis and the Glozis, the next table illustrates how the system seems like a Marxist defined system and yet it is not. To do so, we must understand a few important Marxist concepts and see how they apply to the Glozi system. It is important to understand the apparent cooperation between the Marxist ideologues and a system clearly representing its antithesis: Glozism.

Marxist conceptGlozi manifestation
Surplus labor: Surplus labor is roughly an excess over the cost of production (profit) which accordingly belongs to the labor class (based on fair labor value). Profit is the exploitation of that surplus labor and assures the capitalist venture’s viability. There is also a notion of equity implied. The product can be valued as the fair market value of labor required to compensate the worker for producing that good. Part of the surplus can be attributed to the unfair valuation of the product vis-a-vis the labor required and the rest is the profit to the capitalist.The Glozi system avoids this critique and yet replaces it. Surplus labor vanishes with Guaranteed Universal Income and digital currency and machine replacement of labor. There can be no surplus labor if labor is gradually made redundant. To the Marxist it may seem a resolution to the problem. But the critique of surplus labor has merely shifted. The level of consumption in the Glozi system will be determined by privilege and conformity in the system. If you are socially marginalized, your consumption will be minimized allowing others to enjoy what you would have otherwise been free to consume in a free market. Surplus labor is replaced by surplus consumption.
Fetish of the commodity: This is roughly the monetary shroud (market value) that hides the inherent value of the thing based on the original labor that went to produce it. It is the glitter of the thing to be acquired beyond its use value. It could be taken further to suggest that anything that hides the real nature of the commodity by removing the effort required to produce the good. A possible metaphor could be a kind of cathedral of consumption.The commodity fetish reaches new glitz in the Glozi market. Not only is labor debased but the origin of the product is obscured. Just go to Walmart and see how the people consume without a care for the labor involved and the effort of the Chinese workers that produce the commodity. The Glozis have hyper fetishized the commodity, even as it is served on-line and packaged in fetish imagery. We now have the wand of technology that accentuates that fetish.
Alienation of labor: In Marxist theory, alienation is a phenomenon that occurs when a process or system separates a person from his or her human dignity. In the case of the alienation of labor, the worker is far removed from the product as they represent an alienated mechanistic part of the process with little or no stake in the product. Humans are simply mechanistic elements of an assembly line.As with most concepts in the Glozi system, these critiques reach new heights. The alienation of labor is far more pronounced in a system where products are produced on an assembly line in Shanghai. By concentrating the production for global consumption in China we have reduced labor to a hyper-alienated reality serving a production and distribution class that is untouchable. If we remove the country-of-origin label then we have full alienation.
Class warfare; Born in material dialectics, the Marxist system advances through history in a constant struggle of classes and class warfare. The struggle is basically one between the ruling class or those with access to capital or power and those that don’t have the access and are subject to exploitation.The Glozis exploit division as a means to solidify their power. Class struggle is expressed in whatever kind of opposition that exists in a culture. The Glozi focus on these divisions (such as race division) allowing them to distract. Class warfare has evolved. Today class warfare is between those who use and manipulate information and those whose information is exploited. In the Glozi system information and economics are practically synonymous.
Praxis: This is the Marxist concept of individual change. A person is empowered to change their circumstances. It is at the heart of revolution in its collective sense.In the Glozi system, the process of individual change or even collective revolution is short-circuited by fully controlling change. This is most evident in the imposition of technology. Glozis measure change according to their narrative as a means to control the praxis of revolution.

In some way, the Glozi economic model is the purest manifestation of the Marxist critique. It is what Marx fully disdained. And yet, the Marxist ideologues are unadulterated collaborators with the Glozi system. The Glozi and the Marxist have a common enemy: Free market. This coopting of industry with an antithetical ideology is based on the Marxist Achilles heel. In order for Marxism to find its political expression, it debases its purpose by becoming corrupted by the very thing it considers its enemy. It becomes a schizophrenic amalgam of altruism for the oppressed class, but is driven by a cynical desire to acquire power from the oppressing class. For this reason, the elite have easily manipulated the Marxist (in the case of the Glozis). The Glozi control the process of revolution by offering an illusion of Marxist utopia when it is in fact the fullest representation of power-based capitalism.

It is like a classic liberal system and yet it is not

We are arriving at a kind of understanding of the Glozi system of control. And even as it appears as a system that is the very much the culmination of the capitalist system, it betrays capitalism. If capitalism is understood as free market and free enterprise, then the system is also not capitalist. When capital is fully controlled by a few powerful institutions then this power-representation is not free and no longer capitalist but a monopoly of economic control. The next table compares some principles of traditional classic liberalism (free enterprise) with the Glozi system.

Classic systemGlozi system
Free trade is a key component of the free-enterprise system. A free agent produces any good and is able to sell it at the market and enjoy the benefits of that exchange. Any agent is free to build trade relationships across markets and communities and even state and national boundaries assuming access to sufficient capital.The Glozi system has obliterated free trade, yet they talk about it through entities like the World Trade Organization. It articulates the principle of free trade, but the system is a monopoly of trade far more powerful and sophisticated than the big British trading charters like the British East India Company. We could call it the East-West Trading Behemoth.
Competition is encouraged with the aspiration of having a perfectly competitive society. This competitive society is illustrated through on-line services such as Uber or Air B & B. These seem to approach competitive models in their virtual space as long as the agents in their space are not subject to external controls and values.Competition is curtailed or controlled through production (in large manufacturing cities in China) and large distribution centers (brick and mortar super stores) or invariably on-line distributorships. Competition may be encouraged in the delivery of rented goods or services but the service will be controlled by large entities that ultimately determine their distribution.
Private property is the keystone of the classic system. We have grown to take it for granted. Owning property or a piece of the territorial reality of the state remains a wonderful mystery and provides the root for the sovereignty of its citizens. We are all king or queen on our land and we have the right to defend it. It forms the basis of family, economics and defense.You will own nothing and you will be happy. That is the Glozi tenant for private property. Private property is not a value to the Glozi because with private property there is loss of control. The Glozi reintroduce a new feudalism.
Consumption has never been so misunderstood and confounded as it is today. It may be the center of the illusion. Unbridled consumption is not the tenant of the classic system. Consumption is balanced with virtue; i.e. gird thy soul in self-control and liberty with law. Consumption is a right to acquire the goods for living well and happily balanced with a moral sense. Consumption goes together with the virtue of saving.The Glozi system equates the Consumer with Citizen. Consumption provides the most effective understanding to its strategic imperative. Consumption is confounded with private property. What’s more, consumption is to be encouraged to the point of addiction. The Glozi system has taken bread and circus to a sophisticated level. It is smoke and a pancake. Consumption goes together with the vice of debt.
Entrepreneurship is the a hallmark of free-enterprise. An entrepreneur is able to use ingenious approaches and innovate and even drive change yet fully keep the reward for that effort. Entrepreneurs are the real engine of change in a free-enterprise system. But the focus of entrepreneurship is not always innovation in terms of technology. It can be simply a reward for hard and independent work. The entrepreneur has full and sovereign ownership of any business that he or she establishes. The basis of a free-enterprise system is to maximize these free agents at the most subsidiary level possible.Entrepreneurship is confounded with innovation. The Glozi system does not reward entrepreneurship in the sense of encouraging small business and building the economic base from the bottom in subsidiary fashion. Innovation is the energy of entrepreneurship harnessed into arenas that the Glozi controls. For example, the ever-present insistence on innovations for addressing climate change or inequality. The Glozi use the ingenuity of humanity to coopt the solution into large global enterprises; a Hackathon that will deliver solutions to the powerful under the guise of rewarding entrepreneurship

Are the Glozis even socialist?

At this point, I have to reveal the hand and suggeste that the use of the term Glozi is not entirely accurate but rather was a manner of using words to equate what we are seeing as a movement as dangerous as the Nazis. And the Glozis are that but they ought not even be classified as socialist.

Socialism in a sense implies a kind of state of human cohesion that is the best possible of worlds or a kind of non-Christian Candide of governments simply because that is the way it must be. But socialism is a kind of continuum and doesn’t imply radical revolution. Socialism seems to be an incremental enlargement of the state as the objective care taker and it retains a kind of paternalistic (and somehow insulting presumption) of rule.

But the Glozis reveal themselves as a kind of de-socializazing force. The social system that the Glozi seek is not even based on an incremental assertion or historical progression of thought. The Glozis have to deconstruct all that came before and they are in fact exceedingly revolutionary in their radical pursuit to destroy the very basis of society as we have always inherited. There is no negotiating with them because they won’t accept the heritage offered in social history. The Glozi deconstruct family and married life; they deconstruct sex and gender; they deconstruct labor as the basis of economic activity; they deconstruct wealth; they deconstruct culture; they deconstruct knowledge; and above all they decostruct nature and ulitmately desonctruct religion and God. They are the most de-socializing force that seeks to acquire political power and their system is almost now formed to take power and is quickly being unveiled. That is why they are actually best understood as Global Desocialists or Glodzis. Their political agenda and power philosophy and praxis is like none attempted in history and their system is unlike all the political “isms” touched on this reflection. The Glodzis are sui generis.

In the end, what is the Glodzi system?

The Glodzi system is a real economic and political force that has largely already formed and is functioning through national party apparatus in developed democracies. It is a neo-feudalistic system. It has essentially corrupted the republican form of government and mobilized to establish single party progressive rule in most of Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. In the U.S. they still operate behind the apparent orthodoxy of classical liberal ideals and from time to time assuage our concerns emerging from behind the iconostasis of liberalism and incense an icon or two representing our representative federal republic. But they are collaborating with the iconoclasts of our heritage with the intention of establishing that same single party progressive force here.

The Glodzi one-party progressive state is the perfection of the trans-Atlantic system. It is the emanation of the European concept of power held by unaccountable and ambiguous agents at the center table. The fuel at its core is a fully cynical desire for total economic control through a global system of production and trade in one effective trading company. Its lebensraum is the globe preserved under the banner of climate control. It coopts Marxist altruistic ideals of equity and welfare to capture the minds of the ignorant while they are in fact the antithesis of Marxist thought. And similarly they pay homage to classical liberal thought and are similarly its antithesis. Attaining full control of corruptible politicians they coopt national identities to conform to their Glodzi ideology and provide them access to power and prestige. If left unopposed they will set up a neo-feudal society that exploits humanity by controlling their consumption (including the consumption of information); promotes sexual aberration as a way to diminish the sanctity of marriage; dismisses the soul and religion and under the need to reduce carbon footprint they will reduce the population of the world to the level their theoreticians and genetic experts recommend. The Glodzis are real and they are closer to triumph than we might believe.


As Americans we represent part of an optimistic alternative to the Glodzis anchored in divine trust and personal individuality and responsibility. We have our revolution, and it must be defended. More than ever, we should return to the thinking of the original founders and seek to apply their ideas to the modern world. American conservativism has never been reactionary but always optimistic and progressive regarding our own ability to govern ourselves.

As a global opposition movement representing the citizens of the world, we must remain aware of the designs that the Glodzi have to dominate our own culture and traditions. The Glodzis are a global movement and so opposition will need to be global. We should reach within our own national heritage and make people aware of this movement and contribute to a global dialogue that seeks to truly federate power and technology that enhances national culture and retains national control and freedom.

This posting is dedicated to my grandfather. A clever survivor who survived the Nazis (as a Mischling) and the Soviet Occupation of Czechoslovakia. There was nothing mediocre in him.

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