The year 1 Gaga

Prince Myshkin of Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot

The year 1 Gaga fast approaches. If I were to predict the beginning of this new age, it would be around 2030 when we reach finish line of the Agenda 2030 and the countries voluntarily report on their contribution to the sustainable development goals: leaving no one behind. That is when all goes gaga. Yes, 2030 A.D. will be the last anno domini; after this it is the anno insanus (the year of the crazies) or just the world gone gaga. There may be more truth in jest, however. The devil does not like to be clocked by Christ, and in a world given to a cultural expression opposed morally to the culture of the Lord, it is likely there will be a strong push to change the calendar. Borrowing the image from TS Eliot from the Hollow Men, we are whimpering to that end now.  The Year 1 Gaga is the beginning of the age of the transsapien (and not the transhuman). We cross the threshold of wisdom and become dumb. And we may very well need a new calendar to clock this dumbness. But it won’t last long. Such experiments that try to out flank wisdom end poorly. Oh, the sad simplicity of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The French Revolution aspired to give us a new revolutionary calendar, le calendrier républicain français. We can be thankful that all ended on the 11 Frimaire, Year XIII (December 2, 1804). Progressive aspirations are always unusual and ultimately crumble. And their designs would be laughable if so many people were not hurt along the way.

But the current movement toward a new world order is not just a change of the ancien régime, it is a false aspiration to rupture human nature: A meta-helmet of control; though more antiseptic, the end will be the same as the slave’s sad shackles to the hull of a ship. I am far more confident in the long view of dialectics. Why don’t the clever globalists account for the counter industrial revolution? That would be the Industrial Revolution -4.0 (that’s negative 4.0). Nope, this kind of logical dialectic doesn’t suit the messaging of the World Economic Forum.

There is no new regime coming but an imposition of control finally within the reach of that tyrannical iterative monster. Whether it is Samuel’s warning regarding the tyranny of Kings in the Old Testament or the Emperors of Rome that took over the Republic or the aspirations of petty tyrants, grand emperors and weird dicators with strange moustaches. This isn’t about an Industrial Revolution; it is another iteration of the constant arrogant assertion of power. And it is always the same, exhausting Sisyphean effort. The rulers gather the grain of arrogance into the silo of power and eventually the silo breaks and the grain is spilled in defeat resulting in some kind of reconstituted Republicanism. The king always ends with pitchforks jabbed in his fundament by simple idiots: the dumb deplorables. 

The fringe of the World Economic Forum, now fully deceived as to their unnatural purpose will impose an unnatural view of man as they collect their arrogance in their silos of power: the internet of things is just too tempting. But the threat is real and the Year 1 Gaga may have more staying power than the 12 years of the French revolutionary calendar. Should the people of the Republics settle for the transhuman vision of  this evolving tyranny? It is important to separate the technological marvel of progress from the regressive control model of data, from the cultivated possession of freedom to the technologically imposed yoke of oppression. The globalists are not content to let the free-market drive technology, rather they see technology as the means to impose at long last, full control of humanity and they will now drive it: their happy dashboards.

It’s important not to fall victim to this false historical concept of versioning. A nice progression from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0 etc. That’s just a marketing ploy started by a software development company, and it has some wobbly intellectual underpinning; an intelligibility that isn’t luminous but provides sufficient shadow and darkness. History is not progressive; it is iterative. The problem with undeveloped intellectual application of political theory is the culture of destruction that it carries. Progress isn’t the ladder we climb systematically arriving at some utopia. It is a constant cycle and fight between tyranny and freedom. The crazy folk have been with us always. Look and learn: The Lord will drive the years to their fullness as St. Paul states in his letter to the Ephesians 1:10:

a plan for the fullness of time, to gather up all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth. 

And so, we just keep going from revolution to counter revolution as we wait for the fullness of time. Enjoy the assent Santa Klaus. Rex sedet in vertice caveat ruinam.

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