The Four Horsemen of Globalism

Now more than ever, it is important to be an Internationalist. The Taverns expresses its strong identity with the principles upon which our own nation was founded, and so it is logical we promote these same values as relevant and applicable to every nation. In this sense we are internationalists.

This posting is the first in a series of articles that will articulate an internationalist position for the Taverns. To understand the positive aspects of internationalism we must understand the primary threat to inter-nationality is globalism. Let’s be clear. Globalism seeks to dismantle internationalism. This distinction needs to be clear from the outset, that the two are opposed. Globalism is an extremely heavy and fundamentally negative project. Internationalism is based on a lighter governance assumption and extremely optimistic. Globalism as understood in this article is the expression of an elitist ruling class exploiting social resentment and seeking global governance under an apparent altruistic motive and in the process exploits that resentment: i.e., no one left behind . This provides the appealing end of social justice and implies equity or no poverty for the whole world. This means we have to agree to the terms of those that measure the social agenda. This of course is diametrically opposed with the true corollary of the intent: no one gets ahead . This means there is no prosperity.  It is the system represented by the World Economic Forum and the endless meetings and workshops and seminars that promote a vision of environmental peace and equity. Klaus Schwab of course being the perfect almost comic villain of this movement (although it is far more complicated than one thickly accented man resentful of the post war European project). Globalism seeks to destroy internationalism by imposing a sterile culture using technological uniformity on every country They plunder the national treasuries and build their project without the accountability to the taxpayer from whom they have borrowed to build this Trojan Horse. 

Trojan Horse: Kleiner, in korinthischem Stil gemalter Aryballos aus rotgelbem Thon

These series of articles have the purpose of inviting deeper reflection on the evolving manifestation of globalism because our internationalist system is crumbling before our eyes and we must be aware of the worst case scenario so we might defend internationalism and even fight in a united front for it. These articles are not uniquely targeting an American audience. This series of reflections is intended for all nationalities. For this reason, it will be translated into Spanish, French and Russian. These articles are not only intended for the girl with the tattoo at the Subway Sandwich Shop in Phoenix but for the Rwandan living on the shores of Lake Kivu or the friend on Lake Malawi and the data scientist of Kampala.  The Mongolian looking out across the Gobi Desert or the Cambodian taxi driver in Phnom Penh and French statistician. It is meant for the woman in Ecuador that lives in Quito and hikes up the volcano of Pichincha or the aspiring computer programmer in Tbilisi, Georgia. And it is precisely in this regard, in so far as all of them are individuals, they share an American trait: they all are exercising their individual liberty because they seek to prosper and be free of politics and free in faith. They desire to prosper so they can give of their prosperity to their loved ones, their communities, their Churches and enjoy the freedom to own property and build a legacy or travel and see the world, always returning to their beloved families in their respective nations and the home they have built. That’s internationalism. Globalism does not provide that. Globalism aims to eliminate that individual aspiration for prosperity with false equity. They want to take away the ability to identify with property and replace individual identity with a collective and call this civil society. So these articles are dedicated to all those people mentioned above in hopes through them we may all see our common aspiration of freedom. And together with Thomas Jefferson accord that:

“Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”

(Thomas Jefferson’s letter to Richard Price, 1798)

The aim of these next few articles is to:

  • Make clear the distinction between globalism and internationalism.
  • Expose the false promise of globalism from a rational point-of-view not espousing any unfounded conspiracy. The idea is to dismantle globalism and expose it understanding that opportunism and conspiracy are often confounded.
  • Tear down the premises and promises of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030 through an analysis of the measurement agenda i.e., an evaluation of some of the statistical indicators used to define progress
  • And most importantly build up a positive vision of internationalism that ought to invite deeper reflection and positive solutions which are and respect nations

Through the above, we also hope to convey the purpose of the Taverns as a virtual center to educate people everywhere on the discovery and nature of their true human freedom, not founded on license or technology but rather in family and faith. The Taverns is a place to look and learn. The more the ideas extend across borders, the greater our aspiration to freedom is asserted and the more we will confound the purposes of those faceless entities and agencies seeking to control you.

Before beginning this series of articles however, and in the spirit of dismissing the presupposition that this is merely another unfounded conservative opinion based on hearsay and fake news, I will assert some credentials if only for the sake of assuring that the analysis that will be provided is not mere opinion but based on some experience of the globalist process.

One day, in 2001, when I was living in Washington, D.C, I counted the countries I had visited and shared the list with my wife. I suggested to her the belief that I might be able to see every country in the world. Since that day and with her encouragement, I have now had the good fortune of visiting 163 countries at last count. This is based on the countries considered members of the United Nations or 193 (current denominator), so about 84% of the world. The great value in traveling and living abroad is that one assimilates great understanding through travel while fulfilling the desires of the inner imperialist. But it should be asserted in transparency that travel is not about experiencing diverse cultures as if they were trophies to be displayed. For me, traveling has always been something held close to the heart, like a good hand of poker. Traveling is, in a sense, an exceedingly selfish enterprise unless there is a deeper motive and silent motion that slowly becomes apparent and provides wisdom. And to understand this wisdom in its depth, we’d need to enter into a discourse on faith and that surely would lead to places beyond Madagascar and beyond the purpose of these articles. Some day perhaps I will write about these adventures as some have been very wonderful.

Much of my travel has been associated with an international career that essentially started in the Peace Corps in the Congo where I was building water wells and learning French and Kikongo. The Peace Corps is a good seminary for the internationalist unless he or she should fall prey to that heresy of globalism. And in fact, Globalism is a heresy to internationalism in much the same way Arianism was to Christianity. I mostly work to collect data intended to be used for statistical analysis related to certain social development indicators that are used by international organizations that monitor social progress such as the World Bank. When I started, the primary data source was a handbook of international tables printed in hard copy. Eventually, the social development objectives of the international community became enshrined in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). I was involved with the teams of specialists that would compute the caloric based poverty line for various countries including Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Rwanda. I was fortunate enough to be part of the delegation for an international agency that was involved in the discussions on the indicator selection for the Sustainable Development Goals in 2016 and 2017 and I have been involved in countless international sessions and workshops filled with the buzz of international development. In short, I have gathered enough experience in the measurement agenda of international organizations to speak with some knowledge on the evolution of global governance and measuring change. And indeed, the ideas of global governance have dramatically changed in just 5 years. I’d hesitate to use the word evolve because evolution does not occur in such a short period. It is a kind of weird putsch that has taken place. The resulting trend of that putsch is most notable in the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) which have accelerated the economic de-development and devolvement of culture.   

We must dismantle the false promise of globalism and seek to expose its cynical structure and ultimate design, if we are to preserve freedom and entrepreneurship. It is important to establish that this is not about a political ideology. These articles are not political; they do not promote an ideology or political point-of-view. Those days are actually in the past. It is important to recognize that. As political as everything appears, there is no specific tangible ideology to attack anymore. It is not about being against ideas we have been taught as a political or philosophical identities. It isn’t about Marxism or Communism or Capitalism or Fascism or Liberalism. Those terms have run their course. Those days where we could enter into some interesting and passionate political philosophy are finished. This is simply about a neo-political control and feudalism that has yet to be understood but is purely cynical. The vehicle for this material decadence (as opposed to transcendence) is the fast and effective application of technology designed to control and even suppress freedom. Where philosophy might provide wisdom, technology provides control. Wisdom ends in faith whereas political control is just cynicism.  Globalism at its core is deformed by cynicism and has to be categorically dismissed and dismembered. Yet we have all invited the values of globalism into our cultures thinking they represent internationalism and inclusion. Globalism is a Trojan Horse for internationalism and best understood in the following diagram.

Model for Stakeholder Capitalism as envisioned by Klaus Schwab

This is the skeleton of that Trojan Horse; the inner structure that hides the dreadful army of control (The Global Stakeholder Model Image: “Stakeholder Capitalism”, Klaus Schwab and Peter Vanham, Wiley 2021). We have to understand it as a political control model. And we have all invited it into our nations particularly under the apparently altruistic mechanism of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030. Let it be a brand that is seared into our brain so we can recognize it and exorcise it. It has to be absolutely exorcised from the consciousness of the internationalist: remove it and rebuke it. And that is where we begin. We start over. We build over. Not as in build back better but insist that we  form forward the foundation. It will take time to dismantle the negativity that is in-built into their system; time will be needed to recover but the longer we wait the deeper the scars of this most cynical control system. We may need to wander in the desert of Sinai for 40 years to get rid of the globalist idols.  

But, let’s dissect the conceptual soul of the Klausian model: the brand of the beast.    

Let’s start with the altruistic attraction: People and Planet. This is their apparent noble identity and core capture of the soul. They want us to believe that they put people and planet in the middle as equivalent in value. But the first step in understanding is: these are not parallel motives or equivalent in value. They are an order of precedence. Do people go before planet or does the planet go before the people? And this order of precedence is where the four horsemen hook their train of horses to pull the chariot of planet; like Apollo. The planet must be preserved at the expense of the people in the unraveling extreme view. And what will be the engine for saving the planet and controlling the population? The four satellites around the people and the planet: The Four Horsemen.

  1. Black Horse-Companies and Profit: This is to lead you to believe that the system is capitalist and therefore friendly to free-markets. That business is preserved and commerce and free trade is inherent in the globalist model.
    • What it means: Large Companies have a thriving space and market access to generate the profits that will be the basis of value and trade and ultimately provide for the treasury of the people and planet. By companies we mean large multi-national concerns that can manage resources in supposed responsible ways. By companies we mean that large concerns like Pfizer will assure you have good medicine and Amazon will deliver your consumption goods to you and Facebook will help you keep in touch and NetFlix provide you with entertainment and CNN will provide you with the news. Companies will care for you; make fair profits and likely employ you if you are employable.  We (humans) become the primary commodity.
    • What it does not mean is that we retain the entrepreneurial and independent small businesses or family-owned business. Profits are the excess of consumption but not held by small enterprise. This would be an imbalance and individual prosperity as a personal reward that affirms freedom only means a problem of equity. Competitive markets no longer guarantee equitable distribution. Access to the free market is restricted.
    • I looked, and behold, a black horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not damage the oil and the wine. Revelations 6:5-6
  2. Pale Horse-International Community and Peace: This is to lead you to believe that those global institutions that will monitor social development and provide the forums for dialogue and peace are trustworthy. Peace is equated with justice and the arbitration of justice is the international community. Through agencies in the international community things like security, agriculture, health and environmental policies are decided.
    • What it means: The international community will set the de-development agenda and assure that the oversight is provided to control the “People” and safeguard the “Planet”. Eventually they will set the targets and as they might grow in power through a global taxation scheme. They will grow in enforcement ability and eventually form a bureaucracy that is wholly unaccountable yet they will portray themselves as being benevolent and technically competent. It means the assertion of monetary policy and even a common global digital currency. It means the value agenda will be established by the unaccountable international agencies.
    • What it does not mean: Participation in the international community is voluntary. That the international agencies are a means of bringing nations together as equals each with independent policies based on their articulated needs. That the international communities are arbitrators.  
    • I looked, and behold, a pale horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.. Revelations 6: 7-8
  3. White Horse-Countries and States as authority: The model recognizes the state as the primary entry point to coopt the culture and conquer the people and hold them in the fold. Nations are merely administrative boundaries. It will not necessarily be defined as a common cultural patrimony or heritage since there will be a freer flow of people. States will be fundamental in assuring equitable distribution of resources and power. The stronger will assert the value system in a pseudo federated top-down assertion of power.
    • What it means: The government is the key enforcer of tax policy and redistribution as provide by the recommendations of international organizations. The cultural boundaries will necessarily be compromised by the introduction of a global ethos through social networks and controlled news and propaganda through the large corporations. There will be no national culture as culture is asserted from top-down.
    • What it does not mean: Nationality is not fundamental but incidental. In fact, the government apparatus will serve to suppress nationalism and enforce non-nationalistic practices in schools and through social media. It does not mean a national currency and the existence of a national bank and monetary policy; it does not mean states are sovereign but subject.
    • I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer. Revelations 6: 1-2
  4. Red Horse-Civil Society provides purpose: This is the one I love because it is the most deceitful. Your rights will ostensibly be protected through civil society organizations. These organizations are formally established with the purpose of representing your interest and assuring your voice is protected. Yet they are precisely the groups where divisions are sown and peaceful coexistence shattered. It is the mediated power to destroy federated structures and replace these structures with groups that cannot necessarily cross in peaceful coexistence.
    • What it means: That representation no longer means your voice is part of a national cohesive political structure. You will be divided out into chartered groups with civic purpose and likely require accreditation from an international partner organization. Funding for the organization will be partially voluntary or require grants provided depending on national priorities dictated by the international social agenda. These civil society organizations are meant to control the discourse of nations and serve as the basis to foster political tension. They will help consolidate power by dividing small interests from national interests and use that division for their own consolidated narrative of power. The media will dictate the narrative as the arbiter of civil society.
    • What it does not mean: It is not representative democracy. It is controlling the population through a process of legal establishment and coordinated international identity. It also does not mean the free-flow of ideas or political discourse.
    • And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from Earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him.. Revelations 6: 3-4
Albrecht Dürer: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
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[maybe necessary to provide examples]

Gone are development theories such as import substitution or comparative advantage and the development of large infrastructure projects because the global system which is emerging is not at all about development. It is a dismantling of all that came before because technology has matured sufficiently to become a competitive tool for control. It isn’t about building roads but about who gets to use a road. The Agenda 2030 is about controlling your income; controlling your consumption; controlling your sexuality; controlling your faith. It is ultimately meant to control population and set the earthen image of the planet as the divinity and source of political power.

But why did this happen? The globalist system emerged from a trans-Atlantic political and commercial aspiration and liberal (Euro-American) framework that matured after World War II. But the post-war system (Breton Woods) was imposed and for many elicited a resentful reaction against a Cold War that centered in Europe as the theatre of global struggle and control. There had always been talk of a third way (without nukes and acid rain) and quietly there emerged this heresy of a third way that blended elements of two systems in a kind of dualist heresy of global governance. The dualist heresy that took the material benefits of capitalism and combined them with the ideological motion of social altruism under a disguised dialectic. And it was packaged in a technocracy that became equated with good governance. Globalism is not a continuity of the Breton Woods internationalist system but its usurpation which now asserts itself as a neo-European style imperialism with the WEF as a kind of clear paradigm and example of a forum of ideas and innovation that replace and alter the convention. At the heart of this Globalist system lies the resentment of a broken Europe and the Breton Woods System. Europe has been struggling under the cloud of a post-World War II reconstruction (Pax Americana) period similar in a way to Reconstruction during Our Civil War.

From this hidden morass of European Continental resentment develop the embryo of the globalist system and anti Americanism. It was a tolerated part of the Cold War (realpolitik) and when Communism fell, the water broke. The new baby was not a happy blend of two different systems but a new iteration of power and opportunistic deformed synthesis that found ample room to grow after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It coopted the Breton Woods system of internationalism and imposed a global vision that falsely asserted itself to better; not the lesser of two evils but an alternative to two evils: Capitalism and Communism. And as all dialectic destroyers, it pronounces itself yet again as the proposed only way.

Look and Learn: In the center of the diagram is the crucible. That crucible does not liberate the people and the planet. It is not a system designed to free the planet for the people but rather a system designed to free the planet from people. Responsibility for the planet ought to be inherent in the structure of our person and not a crushing global institutional corollary. We are not Atlas that can bear the planet and for this reason, the globalist system will crush the people.

Let us remember the words of Thomas Paine in his pamphlet Common Sense:

Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one.

He also said in that pamphlet:

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

This is a positive place to start in the words Faith and Foundation. The Declaration of Independence was a declaration of freedoms that the American colonists asserted in a passionate way to free themselves from British tyranny. It provided a unique example of free people governing themselves without ideology and free from power structures. It is an absolutely optimistic assertion of how people can govern themselves and have a result the benefit of the planet. But it was never really implemented. In part because of slavery and in part because of the commercial interests that prevailed and asserted power over people. The American spirit of freedom always expressed itself in the escape of an imperial commercial tyranny: whether British or home-grown. Many may argue that from the outset the system was flawed. The system was never flawed for there is no flaw in freedom if faith flourish. The fault was the failure to firmly establish the faith element of the foundation. Faith and freedom ought sit in the center of the crucible of our model. They are synonymous and strike passionately at the heart of the individual. The imperial force of power always pretends a legitimate cloak to wear. It is all rather splendid as we saw recently in the funeral processions of Queen Elizabeth II. And now, the whole planet is confronted with a bold ad cynical new tyrant and far more terrible than King George III. Now more than ever, the very words of freedom that cascaded from the heart of Jefferson for an experiment in self-government are restated in the document we call the Declaration of Restoration. We would encourage all readers to become familiar with the document and apply it to their own circumstances and reflect if there is resonance in the grievances stated against the global heresy of freedom

In the next articles, I will attempt to dismantle the SDGs goals one by one and expose the agenda of the global beast. beginning with the Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

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