About Slogans

Slogans are forms of thought control and serve to anchor mediocrity. in clever quips. The best slogan is no slogan or at most a piece of scripture relegated to mind. Such as from Psalm 16: nor will I take their names (slogans) upon my lips;

I am always amazed at the deep banality of slogans especially: Build Back Better. It is an aspiration to Perestroika to rebuild the Soviet Union which literally means to Build Back Better. If the slogan marketing consultants cannot do better then please stop the perverting of our human faculty with such noise. I have put together this table of progressive slogans. I’ll keep adding to it.

Take note that the conservative counters are anti-slogans; designed to loosen the chains of the progressive buzz. Once you are free of that progressive buzz, then find your own way free from mind control and be rid of slogans all-together. Even conservative slogans. Just start reading scripture and memorizing the things that speak to you alone.

Progressive buzzActual meaningProposed antidote
Leave no one behindNo one gets aheadThings find their level
Build Back BetterReduce to rubbleBuild forward best!
Pro-choiceDevalue lifeLife always
Gender is a social constructI hate who I amDeepen your personality
Preferential option for the poorResent the richGenuine prayer is poverty
The climate is changing, so should weWe will change your way of thinkingLive off-grid!
White priviledgeWhite Anglo-Saxon ProtestantsRemove the log in your own eye
The earth is not ours; we are the earth’sI am alienated from the CreatorSit naked next to a rattlesnake, you’ll change your mind
Equity is the only acceptable goalWe will decide what you may consumeWe are sovereign on our property
You will own nothing and be happyWe will control consumptionWill I be able to own my gun collection?
Pride monthCultural Marxists Unite! Month of penance
One team, one community, one loveEin Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer*Family, Friends and Faith
A rainbow flag flies for everyone!The flag must fly, even if the man fails**Don’t tread on me
Shared prosperityRedistribute wealth.Hope springs eternal
Help the poorest 40%Keep the richest 20%What would Judas do?

*This is taken from Nazi propaganda and should create fear in every soul. The meaning of Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer is essentially One People (Team), One Nation (Community) and One Love (Keep a close eye on this love)

**Hitler said this of the “Blutfahne” or the Nazi flag

The idea of prosperity should be hinted at the etymology.

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